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AviatorCalc and Pilot Calculator Shipping

Several of the shipping policies here only applies to customers ordering the product on a CD ROM:

Customers who download the software only will receive the software either by downloading the files to their PC or by loading it directly into their mobile phone.

Order Confirmation and Activation code:

You will receive an almost immediate automated order confirmation with the Activation Code for the software. For purchasers of the software on a CDROM; you will  receive a second e-mail normally within 24 hours confirming your shipping address for the CDROM.

Shipping Policies:

If you ordered the product on CD ROM then a CD ROM containing AviatorCalc and Manuals will be shipped to you within seven days (Normally 24 hours) to the address supplied with your PayPal account. If you require a different shipping address then please e-mail with your requirements. If you require the software before this time then please go to the Download page to download the the software directly to your PC or software.

Tracking your order:

At present we do not have an on-line Order Tracking System. If you have any queries regarding your order then please e-mail with your query

Receipt for purchase

You will receive a printed receipt for your purchase with the CD ROM when it is shipped to you. Alternatively you can obtain a receipt through your PayPal account.





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